US Marine Attempts the US Army Combat Fitness Test

Watch this US Marine attempt the new Army Combat Fitness Test. The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is an update for the old Army fitness test which has been conducted since 1980. Soldiers must pass with at least 180 pts no matter your age or sex.

Watch my girlfriend attempt the US Marine obstacle course!

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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to YouTube. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

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  1. Jade Michael disse:

    nice counting on the push ups: “32….43….” lol

  2. Tymanmodel101 disse:

    Next one: U.S. Airman takes on the Marine CFT.

  3. white26golf disse:

    Great attempt by that Marine, but she failed the lowest standard for the ACFT

    It also looks like there was WAY too much time between events.

    • Admiral Vixen disse:

      @Mystic Thunder I’m enlisted army national guard, do I take this test too? And thank God there no situps added in there

    • Mystic Thunder disse:

      @Admiral Vixen Yes. As of 30 Sep 2020, the APFT is replaced by the ACFT, applicable to all components of the US Army (Regular Army, US Army Reserve, and Army National Guard)

    • Jayyy667 disse:

      @Mystic Thunder lol you get what you deserve

    • Mystic Thunder disse:

      @Jayyy667 Okay, this oughtta be good for a laugh or three. Explain what makes me deserving of failure despite the double PT AND the gym time I’ve been willingly putting in to get myself where I need to be physically. Let’s hear whatever fucked logic is going through your brain, that makes you see some kind of fault even the green berets in my unit that I’ve been working out with don’t see

    • Van Dog Trailer disse:

      @Michael Henry I can’t imagine a better condemnation of this test than knowing that she failed. She is more fit than 90% of Soldiers or Marines out there. I thought this was a bad test when I learned about it, still do now that I’ve taken it. It’s never going to be implemented like this.

  4. Isreal Wells disse:

    As someone that has taken the Acft a couple times. A lot of what she did wouldn’t have counted. That being said.. good video

  5. Alex Boyarko disse:

    Some push-ups can’t be counted. Failure to keep generally straight line.

  6. Brian Ingle disse:

    Most people fail to realize in events like this, it’s down to the individual, not the branch.

    • Dar-rell F disse:

      @Bojangles Is good and yes, you are right, Marines are the most fit branch. That falls on the marines having a stricter standards and less people, but that does not mean more athletic. You can walk around with 6 pac abs and barely pass your physical fitness test. You can be chubby and max out your test, but be considered unfit.

    • Bojangles Is good disse:

      Dar-rell F I completely agree with you that it depends on the individual There are a lot of fit people in every branch including the Air Force I’ve seen marines get destroyed by airmen I was spitting out my 2 cents,I think you misunderstood what I was saying earlier I do have a hard time explaining sometimes,at the end of the day they are all fighting for the same cause

    • DV disse:

      You guys it all just depends on the job you choose in your branch. Some jobs require more physical training than others.

    • Von Graal disse:

      @Joee Rodriguez I don’t think a regular fleet marine is really comparable to a special operator

    • Brooklyn NYC disse:

      @Bojangles Is good You ust not have served in the military. Your statement is not correct.

  7. Steve 0311 disse:

    She did pretty good for being 99 pounds to be honest lol

  8. Lisha Fairbairn disse:

    She did really good, but it wasn’t even close to standard. I’d like to see her do a real ACFT to standard

  9. Chris Aguilera disse:

    They got the smallest Marine possible to take these tests?

  10. CBanks 843 disse:

    Great effort, but she failed. Back need to be straight when she rested, and knees did not touch her elbows…not gonna lie the ACFT is easy to pass hard has hell to max.

  11. Kacy Redden disse:

    She didn’t even pass it, and the grader should learn better. There’s a 90 minute time requirement not the 4 hours she got.

  12. Justin Elko disse:

    She made a very good attempt, but she would have been disqualified on multiple events. I can only assume it was because the directions weren’t made clear enough.

  13. shadowscreamer1 disse:

    This is what happens when you allow a CrossFitting officer in charge of your PT test

  14. Mile Tyson disse:

    0:37 Him- “Angel is, what 145 lbs?” 😀
    Her: “I’m 99lbs” 🤫
    Him: “Are you serious!” 🤯
    Me: 🤣

  15. ArmyMedicRN disse:

    She failed the ACFT. You fail one event, you fail the entire thing. And it must be completed in 90 mins from start to finish.

  16. Christopher Ryan disse:

    She failed completely, but nice attempt. You should have had a certified tester/ grader to ensure correct movements.

  17. Matthew Finnerty disse:

    “Angela is about 145 pounds”
    “I’m 99 pounds”

  18. Chase Ryan disse:

    All I’m saying is that’s the hottest wookie I ever saw. Ever.

  19. Jazlynn Martinez disse:

    Yes she did most of these wrong but half the exercises she hasn’t even done and is not used to them she was great

  20. Bo Goss disse:

    99lbs? Wtf she definitively doesn’t look that light. When I imagine 99 lbs, I would think of somebody very skinny. She wasn’t that skinny.

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