Tom Lazorik || Where did the Social Media Fitness Industry go Wrong???


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  1. The Unbeatable disse:

    Uncle Greg, do a video on zyzz. Dude was the starter of online fitness influence.

  2. HarryPerformsfitness disse:

    We gotta work together to keep the fitness industry safe, and spread the truth, and only the truth, to everyone

    • Capt'n Howdy disse:

      @HarryPerformsfitness well I thought you made a good point.

    • Colon Lighter disse:

      tbh, who cares? misinformation is cancer in different fields and industries, not just in social media. it’s in the discretion of every single individual to understand what is right from wrong.

    • HarryPerformsfitness disse:

      @Alen no I’m 5ft 6 and I’m making a valid point, you’re the one acting like an infant so I called you one, until you want to start talking like an adult, I would recommend you to not respond in this comment thread.

    • leomar subron disse:

      I hope their is a greg doucette or phillion in the I.T/Computer industry. Too many misinformation and dishonesty in that industry. This technology influencers like ijustine, Austin evans, marquee brownee, UFDtech think they can get away with their lies. Cuz they have many followers.

    • Rigo the kid disse:

      @Alen verjen

  3. Xavi Fitness disse:

    I came earlier than last time for my yelling at routine

  4. Colonel_Frosty disse:

    Video is 2 minutes old and already has one thumbs down… did they even watch the video?
    That was sarcasm.

  5. stéphane A disse:

    I hope Greg knows how much he’s changing lives.

    • deathnote939393 disse:

      @Wile E Coyote mine. Went from 150 kg to 106 kg with his advice. Mainly: put the fork down! Calories in calories out and train harder than last time!

    • AJ Smith disse:

      @deathnote939393 Ik a bunch of people that got Eating disorders from watching him, but I’m not saying it’s his fault tho

    • deathnote939393 disse:

      @AJ Smith i don’t think he promotes it. In fact he says it’s health first and that your body doesn’t define your self worth.
      So it’s not his fault imo

    • Sam Hill disse:

      @AJ Smith the problem is that people blame their eating disorders on other people. you sound like someone who doesn’t watch his videos. He stresses that it’s not worth it to be shredded and you should be happy and healthy as well as not care what other people think. If someone has an eating disorder they should seek therapy not blame it on a youtuber that is just absolutely ridiculous.

    • Ciara O'Grady disse:

      @AJ Smith greg has helped saved me from mine. not fully recovered yet but the progress that i have made by watching him in my mindset towards eating is incredible. more than a team of doctors and therapists could do tbh

  6. Gonzalo Herrera disse:

    It’s awesome how a fitness incfluencer community is building around Greg. Love that

  7. Walter Minhoca disse:

    Natty or Not on some calisthenic athlete: Dejan Stipke, Kowtyn Igor, Lazar Novovic, Andrea Larosa…

    • chanses armstrong disse:

      @GainBros Fitness not zlatt lol. He is as natural as rich piana

    • chanses armstrong disse:

      @Ivan Martinovic yes but this kid is a kid. And even with gifted genetics he should not be breaking world records at age 17 after only training a few years. Its the rate of consistent progression that makes mathew zlatt %110 not natural. It would he like a 17 year old kid coming along and deadlifting 503kg taking hafthor world record. The internet would go nuts. Its the same concept

    • ZacTheMenace GAMING disse:

      Stipke hasn’t uploaded in forever.

    • Wonnie the Poop disse:

      Why do you want a video about Larosa? Of course he’s natural. Better ask about Kai Greene or someone like him. Are you a moron?

    • Chris Meredith disse:

      Really fantastic idea!

  8. Lay Ezeigwe disse:

    Yeah I was literally following Kinobody before Coach Greg. I don’t know what I was thinking.

  9. Ask Dr. Swole disse:

    It’s frustrating how many bad social media influencers get big in the fitness world

  10. hermin bajraj disse:

    Can’t wait for Natural Hypertrophy to show up in one of Greg’s videos.

  11. I am human disse:

    Yo Greg what about that Bradley martyns challenge video?He said he would transform that kid by November

  12. KarmaInTheWater disse:

    Everyone: HIIT Cardio
    Coach Greg: *records video*

  13. Donovan Griffin disse:

    Do a banging or not on Jesse James West and Noelle

  14. Nick Lowrimore disse:

    Do a natty or not on brooke ence: crossfitter

  15. Adleen Veronica disse:

    Coach saved me from the “carbs are the enemy” mentality.

    • Michele Mueller disse:

      I agree! I eat carbs at every meal, except sometimes not on snacks, depending what I feel like. ❤️

    • Michael Brzycki disse:

      Processed food is the enemy whether it is refined carbs, fat, or protein. The more you can allow your body to break down whole food, the better: more energy spent on metabolizing, slower absorption, more nutrition, and less hunger later.

    • raj deep disse:

      Same here i was a keto fan for a year and now i dont enter the gym without having carbs xd greg op

    • Mark D disse:

      It’s not a bad mentality for type 2 diabetics, though. Getting off the drugs may be worth the sacrifice. For those without insulin resistance…eh, you don’t have that line to draw.

    • miloice74 disse:

      I still don’t eat regularly a load of carbs, it doesn’t fill me long enough and I get hungry fast from them. However, like you, I don’t avoid carbs like before now. The anabolic french toast are awesome.

  16. Tori disse:

    Natty or not on Leonardo,Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo.

    • ISHAAN JOSHI disse:

      Mutant Turtles not Natural. A zeeeeero % chance of being Natural. Them Brussel sprouts be tiny on high test. Mutated ninja turtle balls.

  17. Ian Solano disse:

    I totally agree with Tom. My workouts and nutrition knowledge has improved so much since following Gregs advice. I just wish this channel was around when I first started lifting when I was 19.

  18. Tom Lazorik - Lazor Sharp Fitness disse:

    To say that I’m honored would be an understatement. Thank you SO SO SO SO much for this! Never knew my response would be seen by so many people 💪🤓

    • Tom Lazorik - Lazor Sharp Fitness disse:

      @李蕎安 you saw Greg for who he was right away! Good judge of character 😁 and thank you for the kind words

    • 李蕎安 disse:

      @Tom Lazorik – Lazor Sharp Fitness
      Haha chill bro i was kidding
      IT DOESNT MATTERRRR! whether do we love him from the vwry beginning or not😁
      Great to c someone dare and like to speak teuth like u and doc!
      And thx for ur compliment on me hahah
      Nice to meet ya

    • RonBurgandy disse:

      New phone who dis ?

    • Louis J.v.R disse:

      Hey, man! Fucking love your channel and can’t wait to see you blow up. What’s your insta handle? Definitely gained another sub 💪

    • Richard Jennex disse:

      Your doing amazing keep up the hard and amazing work your doing and we need more truthful and honest people in the world

  19. Jonah Sands Fitness disse:

    VShred: The number one food to help you lose 50 pounds overnight

  20. Daris Hennen disse:

    I like how you address Alan without giving him the attention of using his name

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