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  1. Sheep Godz disse:

    Yo tobi’s saves are actually unreal, like I gotta feeling this guy is playing pro secretly

  2. Jascha disse:

    Tobi supporting Vikk is the most wholesome part of this vid.

  3. Niitro disse:

    Can we all just appreciate Tobi’s goalkeeping skills please.

  4. Simon Vajda disse:

    harry just imagined his mom in goal and hit it full power

  5. splaterpus23 disse:

    People talk about tobi. Vikk rocks up to those soccer vids everytime knowing he is going to be a clown and tries to smash it all the time. Balls

  6. Z17 disse:

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the drone shots.

  7. cnmmd qiuoo disse:

    Josh and Tobi being supportive of Vik during the second challenge: everyone liked that

  8. z1ga 7 disse:

    Dare for Vikk: Train football a lot for a week and see if u improved. A lot of professional footballers have done this and the improvements were big

  9. SeaEye disse:

    This is just Harry being a natural athlete

  10. Double L disse:

    I could hear “black goalie” after pretty much every shot lol

  11. Jack Keightley disse:

    8:49 That is one of the best saves I’ve ever seen

  12. Owen Mehr disse:

    I actually want to know how fast Ethan’s first shots were going. Those were smashed

  13. Nat Playz disse:

    There’s no way jj is speed

    eDiT: how tf did jj win speed

  14. Smirnov TV disse:

    Geen tijd om uit te leggen. De markt zit in de lift. Tе-lеg-ram kanaal “Walter CoinCoin”.

  15. Kxpi7 _ disse:

    KSI looks like a grandma in a grocery store running after the the robber who stole a bit of money from her bra.

  16. Nahlia Howlett disse:

    Can we just appreciate how Tobi is supportive to every single person

  17. Hodge Plunket disse:

    Being American and hearing Simon say “addy as”

  18. Yt_Clipthat disse:

    The way jj’ run is too jokes😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Gamers and Craft disse:

    Vik actually don’t know how to kick a bow . Hope he’ll learn one day

  20. HassXY disse:

    JJ: Runs like a hippo
    Also JJ: runs like my friend

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