No Trespassing – The Ventures

Classic from The Ventures album "Walk-Don't Run"

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  1. don williams disse:

    love their music

  2. Fendernirvana disse:

    Bob Bogle was great on lead with the Jazzmaster.

  3. Neil152 disse:

    Did Nokie Edwards use a Telecaster for the lead guitar in this song? Whatever it is, the sound is cool.

  4. Dean Smith disse:

    Can’t seem to find Night Train do you have a copy, I have it on an LP but would like to hear it on youtube.

  5. Fendernirvana disse:

    Nope. Like all pre-’65 Ventures songs, this was played Jazzmasters.

  6. SwitzerlandStudios disse:

    Yep… and they sound sooooo sweet.

  7. ed remillard disse:

    @javajax0987 Not true. Nokie played most of the leads.

  8. TheKreesman disse:

    B-side of “Perfidia” 45. Interesting this album version has no reverb.

  9. Maldnful disse:

    Good Old Rock “n ” Roll – Super!!!

  10. WAYUPAK disse:


  11. Rungroch Srichamorn disse:


  12. dbirchett disse:

    For those that are saying that Nokie Edwards played lead on this and the other songs on the first couple of albums the leads were mostly done by Bob Bogle. Nokie didn’t start playing leads until later.

  13. dbirchett disse:

    That’s why Bob Bogle played lead on the medleys that they play live of songs from the first few albums because he played lead on the original recordings. Not sure when Nokie started playing leads but I will try to find it in the Walk Don’t Run book.

  14. Wayne Hinkel disse:

    This song and Ram Bunk Shush were both “B” sides of other Ventures hits, but both are two of my favorite Ventures performances. They epitomize that great, funky rock-a-billy sound I love!

  15. Alan Estlin disse:

    Still sounds superb today

  16. John Lawson disse:

    Dave Davies, lead guitarist of the Kinks, talks about how this song really blew his mind.

  17. laurence marsh disse:

    When i was a teenage boy 👦I couldn’t stop listening to this 🤪🤪🤪

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