my fitness routine || what I eat + workout

Hi guys,
Heres my fitness routine, which includes what I eat in a day, how I stay active and my workout routine that I do when Im not doing any challenges ❤️
Once again as I mentioned in the video I want you guys to understand that this fitness routine is just what works for me and what my body is comfortable with.


#fitnessroutine #workoutroutine #fitroutine
Hope you guys like this video! ❤️
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Thanks for watching my video ❤️
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A little about me:
* name: nimesha
* nationality: Sri Lankan
* born and raised: Dubai, UAE
* currently living: Belarus
* height: 5 ft

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  1. Annie Innocent disse:

    I was reading but I just had to jump on this

  2. Meshory Neha disse:

    Oh my gosh! I’m so early 🥺🌈

  3. Zainab Fatima disse:

    Can I Get Notification that Nimesha Liked Your Comment?👉👈🤧

  4. Vani damnfamers disse:

    hey following you since 3 days! loving you!!!!

  5. Bts my life and Mike and taehyung my loves disse:

    Thanks for YOUR this routine
    Loved it❤

  6. Princy Evangeline disse:

    Nimesha’s squad here❤️💁

  7. Maggie 018 disse:

    I was just watching one of ur workout videos to get motivated nd posted this..U know me Honey

  8. Asha Kumari disse:

    Hii nimesha do make a video on how to over come after brkup I am feeling bad today I had my brkup don’t know how to move on please make a video dear

  9. Kripa Sumariya disse:

    Dream of my life – want to meet nimesha once in my life and want to hug her and thank her for motivation always ❤️❤️
    I hope God fulfills my dream ❤️❤️
    Lots of luv from India ❤️
    Luv u ❤️
    Amazing video nimesha ☺️❤️

  10. Radhika disse:

    I was studying for my exam which is tomorrow but this is more important –

  11. XxIronbladexX 77 disse:

    those two dislikes are probably from your ex and his girlfriend 😂🐸

  12. charvani gajula disse:

    Uffff…….I was waiting for this video n its finally here….btw u looking soo gud with yo eyebrows……yo face looks so defined…😊🙃

  13. Jasleen Kaur disse:

    I always get happy when u try something new… Keep going my doll😍❤

  14. Charvi disse:

    The number of times she says “actually” During the resistance bands part Ahahahaha🤡all jokes

  15. Arati Sharma disse:

    Can’t take my eyes off those nails😂 I guess you’re still continuing with Chloe ting’s workout 😂❤️

  16. laneatia Nathasha disse:

    U r my role model.. I wanna be independent & aesthetic like u…❤️👌

  17. Niya Antony disse:

    Missing that goodmorning good afternoon good evening at the beginning of your videos😟😟😟

  18. Raman deep disse:

    Can we appreciate how beautiful she looks in yellow👇🏻🥺❤️

  19. Emy Emy disse:

    I just love u so much and u are so beautiful … Emy from uae❤️👌

  20. M scofield disse:

    “Honestly I never eat breakfast”
    Felt that.

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