I Tried The $1,500 Fitness MIRROR For A Week.. Here’s What I Think

For this weeks one week later tech review, we are testing the $1,500 fitness Mirror! Mirror did not sponsor this, its a completely honest review of what I think of this product.

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87 Resultados

  1. Rick of Earth disse:

    Did it give anyone else this weird anxiety that she was working out in such a cramped space? 😂 loved the vid

  2. Sultan’s Financial Journey disse:

    If im spending that much, it better mirror my future.

  3. Julia Marsh disse:

    “Connecting mirror to WiFi” wtf is this world

  4. Crystal Mason disse:

    Could you test out HiMirror? It’s like a smart mirror with skin analysis and different lighting modes. It seems kind of gimmicky but it seems like something you would totally try out for us to see! ^_^

  5. lilac disse:

    I feel like the calories count on the mirror is a scam so you’d be satisfied

  6. TheFirstNoelle disse:

    I feel like I’ve just been transported to the future

  7. Far disse:

    Me: have you worked out today?
    Shelby: no, I couldn’t
    Me: why?
    Shelby: my mirror won’t connect to WiFi
    Me: what?!?

  8. Bradley Hite disse:

    For as much as that costs in a year, you could buy a rogue fitness rack, dumbbells, bands, barbell with weights, and an Athlean-X workout program.

    • BluRz disse:

      No you couldn’t but the mirror is a joke I agreee

    • Bradley Hite disse:

      – Rack $450
      – Dumbbells $650
      – Bar and Plates $483
      – Bands $150
      – Athlean-X $60
      For a grand total of $1793

      – Mirror $1,500
      – Workout Subscription $40 a month
      After one year you get a grand total of $1,980 for the mirror set up.

    • BluRz disse:

      @Bradley Hite
      Rogue 70″ Monster Lite Squat Stand: 490$
      Rogue Bella Bar 2.0 290$
      Rogue Flat Bench 240$
      Plate Set (230lbs) 555$
      Spotter Arms (Unless you wanna die) 220$
      Rogue Rack Price using all their cheapest equipment: 1785$

      Too lazy to calculate rest, so I will use your estimates which are cheaper than actual price:
      Dumbells: 650$
      Bands: 150$
      Dumbell rack (unless you want 50 dumbells on the floor everywhere?): 250$
      Yearly AthleanX subscription (30×12): 360$
      Price: 3215

      Doesnt include: Flooring Tiles to not destroy your house

      Not defending this mirror, but dont come at me with these fake prices.

    • Shawn Roman disse:

      BluRz damn 😂😂 you play no games!

  9. venom5809 disse:

    All Rocky had was a chicken and some stairs and he became the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world, he didn’t need a $1,500 mirror. LOL 😂

  10. Ethann disse:

    The apple watch calories sound more accurate.

  11. bioroid09 disse:

    I’d be worried about the mirror making home videos of me and my partner in bed. It could turn on it’s camera whenever it wants just to peak in.

  12. ivy Stanage disse:

    Plot twist: she took it with her to the gym

  13. Isak W disse:

    Wow, this looks like something from Black Mirror. No pun intended.

  14. Millennial Life Crisis disse:

    this is such a great video!

  15. Alyssa disse:

    all this when you could do wii fit

  16. wakeupbuttons disse:

    almost 2k for a ‘just dance’ avatar yet some of the top trainers in the world upload their videos for free

  17. Channy D disse:

    People will buy this and stop using it after a month

  18. Austen Alexander disse:

    Waiting for Shelby to acknowledge my existence so we can plan a dope video together

  19. Dr. Harrison Ford disse:

    Love The Mirror…i have had it almost 6 months…down 47 lbs…

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